Saturday, January 3, 2015

Reflections on 2014... better late than never

03 Jan 2014

Happy New Year everyone!  We had a good run in December 2014 that the entire team is now resting and recuperating.  Still that doesn’t stop us from writing – or reflecting.

It’s about 1.5 years since we started off our first bazaar at the Sentosa Boardwalk, and we’d like to thank all those whom have help us make things happen in one way or another.

In no particular order, for 2014, we would like to thank:

  • Our vendors – the whole list of you that it is not humanly possible to mention all…
  • Our partners – MR Events,, Happy Ice Ice-cream, Superb Living Markets,
  • The venues who have hosted us and worked with us to effectively make things happen,
  • Sentosa Development Corporation
  • The Urban Redevelopment Authority
  • The National Environmental Agency 
  • Our designers
  • Our bazaar hardware suppliers
  • And everyone who’s shopped at our bazaars
  • Mediacorp Singapore – Channel U, for the interview 
  • Straits Times – for the ST Life front cover photo of our bazaar
  • Other various medias / websites whom have featured our bazaars

Particularly for our vendors who participate in our outdoor bazaars – we would like to thank you for braving the winds, the sun, the humidity and the rain. 

Some of you (like us) have become healthier, tanner and tougher roughing it out in the elements for the 1 or 2 days a week (notwithstanding the annual haze) after spending most of our time indoors (Ok, so it may be just mildly rough since there are tents in our outdoor bazaars that provide some form of shelter, and our bazaars are busiest in the evenings).

Coming up in our next blog entry, we will share our point of views on indoor and outdoor bazaars / flea markets.   

Do stay tuned.

Kim & The Team