Monday, July 31, 2017

Venue report updates as at 31 Jul 2017

Venue report updates : Please refer to text in red:

Operating hours
Description / Recommendation
Sentosa Boardwalk Bazaar
Every Sat and Sun
Sat: 3 – 11 pm
Sun: 11 am – 9 pm
A lightly curated market.
We are into our 5th year th the Sentosa Boardwalk, every weekend.

Estimated 15,000 per weekend (Sat and Sun) based on and calculations by TGIF Bazaars and verified by statistics provided by Sentosa Island.

Families with (young to grown up kids), teenagers, working adults, courting couples, tourists, staff of establishments in Sentosa)

Tourist- locals ratio each weekend also depends on whether there are major events taking place in Sentosa or RWS).
The presence of tourists means that customers are fresh – who are unlikely to have made purchases from you before.
The presence of locals there means that there are repeat visitors and customers – who are likely to have seen your products before.
Shoppers there look for affordably priced products, as well as bargains. Has good natural footfall as it is situated between Vivo City and Sentosa Island. It is our flagship bazaar. (5th year and running).

Shoppers have spent up to $50 per product there.

Recommendations as a platform for:
       Retailpreneurs and businesses with both online and physical presence to reach out to new customers.
       Marketing / activation platform
       Lead generation and promotional activities.

TGIF Bazaars @ ONE KM MALL regular editions
Alternate weekends, twice a month, Fri – Sun
Fri : 4- 10.00 pm
Sat : 12 - 10.00 pm
Sun : 12 - 10.00 pm
A moderately curated market.
We’ve been there for 2 years, twice a week.

Estimated outdoor traffic of 12,000 per weekend (Fri – Sun).
Comprising of 85% of local families, some of who are residents of Tanjong Katong area and 15% expatriate families.
Fashion, accessories, gadgets, toys.
Customers have spent up to $50 per item.
United Square Mall Bazaar
Postponed till year end to become a period of festive market
to be advised
A heavily curated market.
From our 1st 2 editions there, crowd comprises of 90% locals – families who send their kids there for enrichment classes, and who patronize the eating establishments there.
To be advised after our 3rd edition there.
Collectibles and artisan products appear to be doing ok there.
Katong Square Artisans’ Bazaar
Every last weekend of the month
Fri : 4 - 10pm
Sat: 2pm - 10pm
Sun : ​11am - 9 pm
A moderately curated market.
Our 5th and 6th edition there at the time of producing this document.

Estimated outdoor traffic of 3,000 to 5,000 (Fri – Sun).

Comprising of diners of the restaurants there guests of malay weddings held at the ballroom, hotel guests, residents of katong who dine there and shop at I12 Katong
Mix of fresh and repeat visitors.
Ladies jewelry, fashion, collectibles, vintage items, artisan collectibles have proven to do well there.

Customers have spent up to $75 per item at our market and $200 for vintage collectibles at another market held there.
The Grandstand is FUN Suburban Flea
Once a month, check website for details
Sat 1030 - 1900
 Sun: 1030 - 1900
A lightly curated market.
Provided by venue:
Weekend crowd for Sat and Sun : 5,000

60% expatriates, 50% locals. They go there for breakfast, lunch and dinner in  the restaurants there such as Ah Yat Abalone, Pasar Bella, Tung Luk restaurant.  Children attend enrichment programs in the centers there and there are plenty of car dealerships there.

More repeat visitors than fresh visitors.
During our 2nd edition, we note the following:

Crowd for indoors:

Sat :
1030 - 1430 : breakfast to lunch crowd;

1430 - 1700 : lull - a handful of folks having afternoon tea there.

17:00 - 20:00 : Dinner crowd.


1030 - 1430 : breakfast to lunch crowd;

1430 - 1700 : more bustling compared to to Sat

17:00 - 20:00 : Dinner crowd.

Note : Fashion, toys (because of the children), jewelry and accessories sell well, but we also have feedback that the customers there can be quite picky - i.e they prefer products that are more exquisite - so please put some effort in your product display.

Crowd outdoors : unable to determine as we didn't do outdoors in 2nd edition.
Special Project :
The Sentosa Merlion Plaza Artisans Bazaar
Daily 14 Jul – 29 Aug for first series
Daily : 1630 - 2200
A heavily curated market.
Strategic location – natural gathering and photo op for tourists and visitors to Sentosa.
Located at the confluence human traffic of Sentosa Express, Merlion Cable Car Station and Resort World Sentosa.
Fresh customers every day, except for staff working in Sentosa.
The crowd there consists of 80% tour guided groups, 10% free and independent travelers and 10% locals.

Weekend crowds are obviously better but it doesn't necessarily translate into better sales compared to weekdays.

Customers have been reported to spend from $10 to more than $100 per item there.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Entrepreneurs... we'll let you in on a secret.

Pssst !|

We foreseen the situation with the retail scene a couple of years back (please read our blog archives). And today we're seeing greater evidence that shopping mall management are shifting their mindset, from the surge in demand that we're experiencing.

Without dwelling into more boring details, this is the type of products we see for the next 2-3 years that would sell

Artisanal story telling - artisan products with stories to tell, not mass produced.

Handcraft products - made by entrepreneurs themselves - consumers want to see proof that these are made by themselves

Customised products - could be handicrafts that can be fully or semi-customised to customers' needs.

Hipster Foods - fads that come and go - we saw coconuts, melons, mangos... what next - honeydews, papayas or..... but HEY ! Can someone please come up with hipster halal chee cheong fun?

You are entrepreneurs.

Sell what you want to sell, or sell what people want to buy.   You decide. ;)