Friday, October 13, 2017

Unemployed? Here's what you can do when you're also looking for your next job

We've been hearing bad news about employment since 2016.

Many of us have lost jobs, and cannot find employment.

Retrieved Fri 13 Oct 2017. 1335 hrs

Fri 31, Oct 2017, The Straits Times

May 5th, 2017

PM said in the May Day 2017  Rally that the our unemployment rate as of March 2017 will gradually go up.

Retrrieved from Fri 13 Oct 2017 1335 hrs

The government has urged all Singaporean to go for re-skilling, retraining so we can find better jobs. Click on for details. Loads of propaganda have been spread about this.

But reality sets in:

Does that assure me that we will get jobs? One module of coding isn't going to make me an expert that would gain the attention of recruiters? And we're competing with so many others!

We have mouths to feed, bills and mortages to pay, how would I be able to sell my time in exchange for wages that are not enough even for bare minimum subsistence?

Now, let's give ourselves and the hiring companies the benefit of the doubt and assume that the willing able able employers:

1) would hire us after we're retrained and re-certified?
2) pay us enough.

What if companies are suffering themselves, like SIA, and SPH ?

My friends, this is where you also have to help yourself.

Get back to basics where making a living is concerned. Balance this with your high capital, high risk ventures. 

Get something to sell ! Especially what people would buy, or have to buy 

Make something to sell ! Especially what people MUST buy - necessities, food etc.

Price your products so that people will buy!

Start your own small flea market business. Put whatever experience and knowledge you've acquired in your previous jobs to good use.

Exploit your social media skills - use it to market your business.
Monetize your hobbycraft !
Sell your pre-loved fashion !
Be a home chef - you can sell your food through apps such as !
Be a private hire driver (if you have your own vehicle)

You'll have to think about the above yourself - remember you have your own skills and abilities. 

But if you're not sure about this, or would like to pick up a hobbycraft or culinary skill visit to find out about the courses community centres offer!

In case you didn't know, TGIF Bazaars has basic booths that are suitable for new entrepreneurs!  Visit and mouse over to Our Bazaars to find out more!