Wednesday, August 29, 2018

How to get more likes and shares for your posts FREE of charge?

The short answer is : Teamwork.

What groups of influencers are paid by advertisers to do is basically to post advertisements and messages to their followers and fans on Instagram, Facebook, websites, blogs or other media where followers can be amassed.

These group of influencers work in a team (some people call them Internet Brigades) and all of them would coordinate their efforts to 'like share, post' and make comments at a pre-arranged date and time.

The stuff they publish tend to arouse curiosities, with catchy headlines and sometimes controversial, and this is what we call 'click baits', because such articles attract eyeballs and clicks.

But, if you're reading this as a popup market vendor, chances are you won't want to be paying for online exposure because you aren't sure how it's going to direct benefit you and grow your sales.

So TGIF Bazaars has devised a collaborative approach - for every edition of every market we put together, we encourage all vendors to 'like, share, comment and post' one another's social media posts.

Your links should be shared in telegram chatgroups (don't worry your mobile phone won't be seen by others) created specifically for each event.

TGIF Bazaars would also do the same for all your links, so you can leverage our fan and follower base. Sometimes we will also invest in paid advertising for the events.

Now isn't this a compelling reason for you to begin or expand your social media marketing efforts?

Here are some tips on what can you specifically post - you know by sharing your generic social media link there's not much value you can get:

1. Sales Promotion centric - you can post something that promotes your sales - e.g. discounts, free gifts for first xx customers - there is an intent for you to increase your sales.

2. Marketing centric - this is to increase your own fan base, e.g. like and share your page or link to get discounts etc - there is a call to action.

3. Brand centric - tell customers about yourselves, your causes, your business stories etc - there is an intent to build or improve your reputation.

4. The rest is up to your imagination.

So start racking your brains and see what kind of wonderful posts you can create so we, the community can share them with everyone else!

Next post, we'll be sharing on hashtags #

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